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2009-07-05 00:50:41 by Impoverty



2009-06-28 12:29:59 by Impoverty

I posted shit up a week ago man... this shit take forever.. wtf.. come on newgrounds. WHERE MY MUSIC NYAGAS!


2009-06-24 12:18:25 by Impoverty

Awww mayne aint nobody finna read this shit so lemme say it plain and simple. I love turtles. yup i said it what choo gonna dooo nyaga. step up and get smacked.

i have nothing to talk about so im just gonna make this bullshit up as i go

we make songs cus we're bored and find it entertaining and enjoyable to make fun of each other while rapping. we arent on some serious shit but if we do happen to make serious songs then we will probably make fun of it with the next song.

mcdonalds is fucking bad for you but its damn good.
my favorite character from boondocks is stinkmeaner
i have nothing to say but look at the smiley down there. either he look like he finna suck some cock or he is mentally handicapped. either way its funny... JK dont take shit seriously fuuuuckk